Turkey is a country that connects Europe and Asia; therefore, Turkey as a region has accommodated many civilizations and cultures since the ancient time. You can come across so many historical artifacts in every part of Turkey that was left by these former civilizations that the whole country is like an open-air museum. That being said, Turkey as a country and us as your host in Turkey, we are delighted to share this cultural wealth with you. Based on the reports of the Investment Office of Turkey, Turkey ranks among the most preferred tourist destinations in the world, and there are 463 blue-flag beaches in Turkey.   

Since the first day it was founded, Turkey has adopted long-term development policies in industry, education, health, and service sector. Just to give you an idea of its science sector, as stated on the Investment Office of Turkey’s report, growth rate of the Turkish pharmaceutical R&D spending from 2010 to 2017 is 241%. Owing to these policies, Turkey has become one of the pioneers in the medical tourism sector thanks to its hospitals equipped with cutting-edge technology, its experienced and internationally certified doctors, and its long-known hospitality.  

Based on the reports of Turkish Ministry of Health, number of beds in Turkish hospitals has increased to 232.913 in 2018, doubling the numbers of the previous years. Apart from this, there are many private and state hospitals in Turkey that provides different treatment options with the latest technology. Nowadays, the number of foreign patients that have visited Turkey for their treatments has exceeded 500.000. People from abroad choose Turkey for various of treatments such as hair transplant, dental treatments, orthopedic and traumatic diseases, plastic and reconstructive reasons, oncological reasons, bariatric and metabolic surgeries, and organ transplantation.



Our vision is to give a new impulse to Turkish medical tourism sector with our dynamic and experienced team, with our corporate identity, and with our partners in both sectors.  

Our mission is to focus on the tourism segment of this sector as well the medical one. Therefore, our aim is to create tailor-made treatment packages for each of our patients and to be their lifelong well-being designer. Compared to traditional way of medical tourism, we offer both the leisure and the treatment to our patients. In this way, our patients have the option to vacation before, during, or after their treatments. 

By bringing quality in all spheres into the forefront, we provide large spectrum of health services, along with tourism options. As we wish to be your lifelong well-being designer, we are in touch with our patients after their treatments when they return to their home country to monitor their healing process.

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