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Average Length of Stay
5 Nights
Length of Stay in Hospital
1 Night
Operation Duration
2-5 Hours
Local/General Anesthesia
Recovery Duration
1 Week
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Otoplasty in Turkey 

Ear deformity, known as prominent ear, which develops due to genetics or improper lying positions in infancy and childhood, affects many people's physical appearance in a negative way. The prominent ear surgery or otoplasty in turkey procedure maintains a natural look for the ears by removing the deformity with an aesthetic and invisible incision.

Otoplasty in Turkey

If you have the urge to hide your ears, you are on the right place and about the read the stuff that is going to change your life. Ear correction surgery in Turkey also referred, to as otoplasty is a procedure aiming to change the shape, size, position, and even angle of the ears. Unbalanced ears can be really irritating for people who have aesthetic concerns. Combined with low self-esteem and confidence issues, ear deformities can lead to a serious level of insecurity. That is the time when aesthetic ear surgery (otoplasty) gets in the game for satisfactory results.

Based on the needs of the patients, there are different ear correction surgery techniques in Turkey. These are namely:

  • Ear augmentation: aiming for bigger ears by reshaping the pinna.
  • Otopexy: aims for flatter ears by reshaping the protruding ears.
  • Ear reduction: aims for smaller ears by reducing the pinna.

The most common ear correction surgery done in Turkey is ‘stick out ear’ surgery. This unattractive look can be fixed with otoplasty resulting in symmetrical ears. As long as the ears reach to their full size, ear correction surgeries are possible to perform. The patient does not have to be 18 to undergo otoplasty surgery in Turkey.

There is no need to be ashamed of your ears and hide them by having your hair down anymore after the ear correction surgery in Turkey. You can go home with healthy and good-looking ears. With high-tech equipment, high-quality services, and improved techniques, we guarantee our patients the best otoplasty results for ear plastic surgery Turkey.


Otoplasty Cost in Turkey

For the cheapest rates and the most satisfactory results, otoplasty Turkey welcomes you with various treatment options. There is no need to be confused about ear correction cost as the prices are pretty high in Europe, the UK, Canada, and the USA and it varies greatly all around the world. However, in Turkey, reasonable prices and exclusive packages including different services from surgery to accommodation are offered to the patients. So how much does otoplasty (ear correction) cost in Turkey?

Getting otoplasty in Turkey is relatively cheap compared to other European countries since the latest currency rates and economic situation of Turkey are among other countries. Offering the cheapest rates, it is guaranteed by our clinic that there won’t be any surprises and last-minute charges or overcharges. You will be informed about the expenses in a detailed way while preparing your individualized package.

Along with the reasonable otoplasty turkey price, Turkey offers patients a safe and developed treatment plan so that they can go home with the best-looking ears you can get. Providing cheap otoplasty prices, highly skilled ear surgeons who are excelled at what they are doing, and a high level of medical expertise, Turkey is the ultimate destination to get otoplasty abroad.

For further questions about otoplasty surgery cost in Turkey, please contact the medical consultants in our clinic. Also, please keep in mind that each and every patient is offered a different ear correction treatment package based on his/her medical history, physical needs, and expectations. Best otoplasty surgeons are here to offer you the best service in Turkey!


Otoplasty Procedure in Turkey

Online otoplasty surgery consultation sessions are offered for very final details regarding the procedure and get rid of all question marks on our international patient’s mind; it is a great opportunity not only to hit the surgeons with all the questions patients have in mind about the procedure but also the first examination of the patients can be done during these video calls. It is important to share your desired results and expectations as a patient due to the fact that the surgeon and the patient have to agree on all the details not to face any misunderstandings.

Otoplasty surgery is done under general anesthesia taking around one to two hours. Techniques may vary based on the decisions of the ear correction surgeons and the patient. Incisions are made behind the ears making the process scar-free. During the operation, the surgeon commonly reshapes the ear cartilage and removes excess skin if it is required. Sutures are used to close up the incisions at the end of the surgery. Incisions are done in the natural folds of the ear not to leave any visible scars.


Otoplasty Recovery in Turkey

When patients undergo otoplasty surgery in Turkey, they should expect major or minor changes based on their cases and it shouldn’t be forgotten that getting the very final results require some time. Although recovering from ear plastic surgery Turkey can vary from patient to patient but it mostly follows the same pattern.

When you wake up in the recovery room, it is expected to feel some pain and tenderness in the ear area, to prevent that the doctors will prescribe necessary painkillers and medications. It is vital to follow the doctors’ orders and take the medications as prescribed. Depending on the procedure, patients might be asked to stay at the clinic for a day followed by a four-day hotel stay.

After otoplasty surgery, you are likely to feel swelling and bruising both on the ears and the head. Ear correction healing may continue for a few months (max 6 months) yet each day otoplasty results are expected to improve. Surgical incisions require regular and careful care unless you want to face infections and any long-term otoplasty surgery scars. To protect the ears from external damage and support their new shape and position; it is required to wear a bandage over the head in the early period of the ear correction recovery. Please avoid wearing tight tops that can rub the ear during that process and avoid heavy physical activities and exercising. It is expected to get back to work the following week after the otoplasty surgery with the doctor’s approval.


Otoplasty Results in Turkey

Please remember that it is the collaboration of both surgeons in our clinic and the patients who are planning to undergo otoplasty surgery, as both parts have their own responsibilities to fulfill prior and post-ear correction surgery. When everyone does his/her part fully, then common problems are minimized and the permanent outcomes just turn out to be amazing for all.

The best otoplasty abroad will send you home with the best ears you can ever imagine getting! After otoplasty, patients go home with newly shaped and sized ears, looking fascinating thanks to experienced surgeons and the right ear correction techniques. As a result, otoplasty surgery changes a lot more than expected by boosting self-confidence. These are the reasons why Turkey is the best country for otoplasty surgery!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the scars be visible?

Scars are located behind the ear and are barely noticeable

Are the otoplasty results permanent?

The Otoplasty procedure usually creates permanent changes in your ears. If you follow the doctor's instructions after the procedure, your ears should maintain their new appearance for the rest of your life.

Can you get otoplasty and rhinoplasty at the same time?

Yes, otoplasty can sometimes be performed at the same time as other cosmetic procedures.

When can I wash my hair?

You can discuss this with your doctor but mostly, you cannot take a shower for 1-2 days. In addition, you cannot wet your hair and head for 8-10 days after the operation. 

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