Iron Man package, which will make a great difference in your life, offers solutions to male problems such as thinness and shortness of the penile, erection or pre-ejaculation problems and can also give your body a more muscular look at the same time!

The Package includes;

  • Abdominal liposuction

  • Penile extension

  • Penile thickening

  • Glans penile enlargement

  • Scrotum aesthetics

  • Steam cell injection

  • Pre-ejeculation treatment.

You can have all these procedures at the same time in one session!


Abdominal Liposuction






Liposuction is performed for a more sportive look and to create a muscular look on your abdomen. High-definition (hi-def) liposuction is an advanced liposculpting procedure that strategically sculpts the body by removing fat in problem areas while at the same time exposing and highlighting important muscle groups in the body to create natural contours.





Penile Extension




The penile extension procedure, which does not cause the loss of sensation, can increase the length of the penile by 2-3 centimeters in both erected or not-erected states.




Penile Thickening


Penile thickening is performed via two different methods. The fat transfer to the penile is the most common method for this procedure and is combined with liposuction. The fat removed via liposuction from the various part of the body is purified and after special procedures such as special injection techniques, it is transferred to the area around the penile shaft. The result is temporary. The other method used for penile thickening is the Allograft technique. During this special and unique procedure, a dermal graft is placed around the penile shaft, under the skin. The result is permanent. In Iron Man Package we perform this thickening procedure using the Allograft technique, so the result will be lifelong.



Glans Penile Enlargement




Glans penile enlargement, which is advised to be performed in combination with penile enlargement, is performed via injection of fat or hyaluronic acid. This procedure creates a natural and more voluminous look.



Scrotum Aesthetics





Scrotal skin can be stretched with this procedure to improve the loose and wrinkly look. The size of the penile would be more obvious after this procedure as the stretching would create a more aesthetic look.



Stem Cell Injection

For the stem cell injection, the fluid with stem cells is obtained after the fat tissue of the patient is processed. These stem cells are transferred to specific parts of the penile and increases sexual performance.



Pre-Ejaculation Treatment



Pre-ejaculation, which is a problem that affects the sexual life and even causes the loss of confidence of the patient, can be treated successfully with the injection.






  • How long is the healing period after surgery?

  • Healing takes in average 4 weeks after procedure.


  • How long is the operation? Will I feel anything during procedure?

  • The operation takes in average 2,5-3 hours. As this procedure is performed under general anesthesia, you won't feel any pain.


  • Can I have sexual relationship after procedure?

  • Yes, 4 weeks after your procedure you can start your sexual life again. It's best to get in touch with your doctor first.


  • How long does it take me to get back to work?

  • Please allow yourself 2 weeks after procedure before returing back to work.


  • Can I travel your country after procedure?

  • You'll need 1 week after procedure to plan a journey. It's best to schedule a journey before the operation.


  • I'm 20 years old. Can I have penile enlargement treatment?

  • Yes. Every male over 18 can have this penile enlargement and thickening procedure.

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