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Average Length of Stay
2 Nights
Length of Stay in Hospital
No Need
Operation Duration
20 Minutes
Local Anesthesia
Recovery Duration
1 Day
Free Consultation


What is Gastric Injection?

Gastric Injection also referred stomach injection is the only method that does not require incision when it comes to weight loss.

In gastric injection, the procedure is performed by a specialist doctor under sedation or short-term anesthesia, by injected in several areas in the muscles of the stomach. Injection, known for its muscle-paralyzing effect, restricts the digestive function of the stomach. As a result, as the feeling of satiety increases, the person eats less food during the day, gets fewer calories and the situations such as fat storage in the body do not occur.

Stomach injection provides convenience for people who cannot diet and have difficulty in doing thanks to its appetite-reducing effect.


Gastric Injection in Turkey

Turkey is the ultimate destination for stomach injections for various reasons. Along with the reasonable pricing, gastric injection Turkey offers patients a safe and developed treatment plan so that you can go home with the best gastric injection results you can get. With highly skilled gastric surgeons who are excelled at what they are doing and high level of medical expertise, Turkey is a highly preferred place to get gastric injections abroad.


Who is a Suitable Candidate for Gastric Injection?

Stomach injection application success cannot be guaranteed. As a matter of fact, this method is not applied to patients with a body mass index above 30. The gastric injection is suitable for people who want to lose approx. 10kgs.

The effect of stomach injection on the body is not permanent and lasts only 4-6 months. Likewise, the effect of the process continues until the same period of time. During this period, the person should pay attention to their eating habits. Successful gastric injection results can only be obtained provided that a healthy and balanced diet is adopted. 


Gastric Injection Procedure Turkey

Gastric injection procedure starts with online consultation sessions that are offered for the comfort and convenience of our international patients; it is a great opportunity not only to hit the surgeons with all the questions patients have in mind about the procedure but also the first examination of the patients can be done during video calls.

It is vital to share your dream results and expectations as a patient the fact that the surgeon and the patient have to agree on all the details and what gastric method to choose not to face any misunderstandings. Even if gastric injection results are temporary, unnecessary touches and operations is the last thing Clinic International is looking for.


How is Gastric Injection Made?

Gastric Injection is a pain-free non-surgical method. The procedure involves gastric injection orally through the endoscope method. General anesthesia is not required making the procedure rather easy and risk-free compared to other gastric surgeries. How many injections are applied changes based on the needs of each patient.  

Taking around 15 to 30 minutes under sedation, the gastric injection does not cause any pain making the procedure popular. No incisions are required yet gastric surgeons are in charge of the gastric injection procedure.


Side Effects of Gastric Injection

There is not any known side effect of the gastric injection. It is applied to the smooth muscles in the stomach so that the injection is not permanent and does not impact the stomach negatively.


Gastric Injection Recovery in Turkey

Since it is a non-surgical procedure, patients go back to their daily lives right after gastric injection. There is no need to stay at the hospital. The gastric injection can be repeated every 6 months as its effect disappears after 6 months. It is recommended to stay away from smoking and drinking for some time after the procedure.

Last but not the least, you are provided with a one-month diet plan and it is the first step of your new life. That is the reason why experienced nutritionists in our clinic are here to provide you with any assistance you may need. You will be given a brochure including all the details you need. Since the success rate of gastric injection in Turkey is pretty high, patients do not have anything to worry about but feel safe and content with satisfying gastric injection results and the facilities Clinic International Turkey offers.


Gastric Injection Cost in Turkey

Gastric injection prices vary greatly all around the world. However in Turkey, reasonable gastric injection prices and exclusives packages including different services from the operation to accommodation are offered to the patients. So how much does gastric injection cost in Turkey?

Getting gastric injection in Turkey is relatively cheap compared to other European countries since the latest currency rates of Turkey among other countries. Offering the cheapest rates, Clinic International guarantees that there won’t be any surprises and last minute charges or overcharges. You are just a click away to be informed about the gastric injection expenses in a detailed way while your individualized package is being prepared.


For further questions about gastric injection costs in Turkey, please contact the medical consultants in our clinic. Also, please keep in mind that each and every patient is offered a different package based on his/her medical history, age, physical needs and expectations.


Key Facts- Gastric Injection Turkey

·       Purpose: to prevent the constant feeling of hunger by injection injection to stomach

·       Duration: 15-30 minutes

·       Hospital Stay: not required

·       Recovery Time: not required

·       Anesthesia: local anesthesia

·       Total stay: 3 nights

·       Side Effects: none

·       Scars: none 

·       Rest: not required


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a suitable candidate for gastric injection?

It is suitable for almost anyone who wants to lose weight and who has BMI between 27-35 is a good candidate as well

How long does the procedure take?

Mostly it takes 20 mins- 30 minutes.

How long does its effect last?

It affects about 6 months.

Should I stay in the hospital?

There is no need to stay overnight in the hospital.

How long do I need to stay in Turkey?

After the procedure, the next day you can go back to your country 

Will I need to take any medications after the procedure?

There is no need to take any medication. But for more detailed information our medical consultants will be here for you.

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