Rejuvenate your smile with dental treatments in Turkey

You feel confident and irresistible when a radiant smile accompanies you, and that’s why a visit to the dentist should not be put off until later. Clinic International is your go-to choice for dental treatments if you value outstanding professionalism, ultra-modern implant technologies, and second-to-none care. Whether you’ve covered miles to fix your sleep apnea or have a complex procedure for your Hollywood smile, Clinic International ensures you can get it in Turkey.

Taking care of your teeth at the respected dental treatment center

There are many crucial things in dental care, but the magic hands of the doctor are of supreme importance. At Clinic International, we’ve invited the best dentists, based on their qualifications and experience in performing procedures, from teeth whitening to the most complex surgeries. Because we know you won’t settle for less.

To comply with your high expectations and dental care standards, our team uses the least invasive materials and technology. Besides, our Izmir-based facilities and hotel-like service add to your comfortable and safe dental treatment clinic experience.

The dentists and technicians at Clinic International can help you:

  • Redesign your smile to make it shine and look Hollywood-style
  • Choose and install your ideal dental implants that will last for years
  • Improve your jaw structure, chewing and speaking functions, and overall face aesthetics by performing various jaw surgeries

Treatment support at all stages

For your dental treatment at Clinic International, you can expect flexible appointment scheduling to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Our team is always in touch and willing to answer any questions. Once all the appointments and treatments have been completed, you’ll be advised on how to practice good oral hygiene to maintain the results.

Our keen commitment to taking care of you as a patient before, during, and after your procedures is not a publicity stunt for us – that’s how we work. You will feel it once you’re here in Turkey.

Perks of world-class teeth treatments in Turkey if you live abroad

Are you an achiever who hasn’t gone on holiday for a while, not to mention finding time for your dental care? We invite you to combine an exciting vacation in one of the tourist magnets with exceptional tooth treatment services. Clinic International boasts a range of benefits that make it an ideal destination for this:

  • We’ve hired some of the most experienced and qualified dentists in the region.
  • Dental treatments in Turkey are more affordable than in other countries, making them accessible even to people on a budget. Moreover, you can use a gazillion payment options for your procedures and our service.
  • We have treatment packages to make your visit to Turkey even more memorable. They include comfortable hotel stays, airport transfers, and sightseeing tours so you can have a relaxing time while getting the treatment you have postponed for so long.

Make an appointment at Clinic International’s dental treatment center and reward yourself with a smile that no one can resist!

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