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Average Length of Stay
Length of Stay in Hospital
Operation Duration
30 - 40 Minutes
Local Anesthesia
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Botox and Fillers In Turkey

What is Botox? (Botulinum Toxin)

Botox also known, as ‘botulinum toxin injection’ is a method used in many medical fields, especially aesthetics. Aesthetically, it is the most reliable and easiest method to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines that appear on the face. Botox offers a fair alternative to other facial surgeries in terms of its pocket-friendly cost and fast results.

Botox is not a permanent procedure; it requires repetition of the injection every three to six months depending on the skin and the place it is applied.

Botox is commonly applied to

  • the area between the eyebrows for vertical lines
  • the forehead for horizontal lines
  • the crowbar area around the eyes for streaks
  • the tip and the side walls of the nose
  • the goose foot forms around the eyes
  • the necklines


Botox in Turkey

Botox is the most popular non-surgical procedure (followed by fillers) applied in Turkey due to the advantages it provides. Botox lately considered as a lifesaver in many aspects aims to prevent wrinkles by blocking your nerves. When nerves are blocked, they cannot contract as a result, new wrinkles or lines do not appear on the face. Frown lines, forehead, sides of the eyes, and jaw lines are the places that botox injections are mostly implemented however there are many more places on the body that can benefit from botox injections as well.

There is no need for the anesthesia if you are planning to get botox in Turkey. Surgeons use a special cream to numb the target area prior to botox injections so that the patients do not feel pain. There is no incision or any cuts involved during the process but just tinny injections. For a full botox effect, patients are expected to wait for one to two weeks while the chemicals are settling down.


Botox Cost in Turkey

Clinic International is also here to offer not just high-quality botox substances and equipment but also economical prices for non-surgical touches; botox and fillers in Turkey, Izmir.

Getting botox in Turkey is relatively cheap compared to other countries since Turkey's latest currency rates and economic situation are among other countries. Offering the cheapest rates, it is guaranteed by our clinic that there won’t be any surprises and last-minute charges or overcharges. You will be informed about the expenses depending on the skin condition and the area where botox will be implemented in detail after the consultation process.

Along with the reasonable pricing, Turkey offers patients a safe and developed botox treatment process so that you can go home with the best botox results you can get. Offering the cheapest cost of botox, highly skilled doctors who are excelled at what they are doing and high level of medical expertise, Turkey is the ultimate destination to get botox injections for international patients.

For further questions about botox costs in Turkey; please contact the medical consultants in our clinic. Also, please keep in mind that each and every patient is offered a different botox treatment based on his/her medical history, age, physical needs and expectations. Clinic International is here to offer you the best service in Turkey!


Botox Procedure in Turkey

Online botox consultation sessions are offered for the comfort and convenience of our international patients; it is a great opportunity not only to hit the surgeons with all the questions patients have in mind about the procedure but also the first examination of the patients can be done during these video calls. It is vital to have these sessions to decide on the right treatment plan; as botox injections may not be the best answer of your problem.

Botox is a non-surgical procedure taking only a few minutes. Clinic International uses the products of Juvéderm™, Teosyal ®, Yvoire®, Radiesse® and Aquashine for longer and satisfactory results. It shouldn’t be forgotten that botox is not a permanent solution yet you have immediate results. You can get many injections for various places on your face in one botox session. It is not a painful process yet you can feel the needles under your skin. As long as you are older than 18 and a suitable candidate for botox injections, you can get them in Turkey.


Botox Recovery and Results in Turkey

If you are considering getting botox in Turkey, you are in the right place. After painless botox injections, you can go back to your daily life right away. Even, getting botox injections during your lunch break is pretty common in Turkey. You can easily return to your work place if you are already living and working in Turkey or continue your medical journey.

There is no hospital or hotel stay during botox recovery. You can walk out of the clinic and keep doing what you are already doing however, for better results there are steps to follow after botox injections, which are keeping your head in an upright position for max. two hours, avoiding makeup for six hours and avoiding sunlight, smoking and rough touches on the injected areas. Right after the procedure, it is possible to have bruising, light swelling and sensitivity yet they disappear in a few days. No massage is suggested.

All the steps mentioned below should be strictly followed for the best botox results.

To erase the effects of aging and modern world, botox injections play a vital role. Getting botox in Turkey is a great opportunity both to get a younger look, boost self-esteem and travel around while exploring natural beauties and treasures in Turkey. If you are having second thoughts on having botox or not, please contact us now for affordable botox costs and an individualized botox Turkey plan.

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