Bariatric Surgery Turkey

Nowadays, individuals are faced with uncontrolled weight gain due to stress, and inactive lifestyles depending on their daily diet. With this situation, many diseases called co-morbid diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases, shortness of breath, and joint pain might occur and reduce the quality of life of people.  Bariatric surgery in Turkey presents permanent results for these obesity problems that cannot be solved with diet and sports practices.

By evaluating the weight and general health condition of the patient, it is ensured that the patient regains a high quality of life permanently by recommending the most appropriate bariatric surgery methods in Turkey.

While our specialist doctor in his field examines your health condition and medical history and recommends the right application and method, we are with you for all the follow-ups required before and after bariatric surgery in Turkey.

Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and gastric injection are the most common bariatric surgery practices in Turkey. After a consultation with your surgeon, the most suitable bariatric surgery type will be decided based on your needs and medical history.

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