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Average Length of Stay
5 Nights
Length of Stay in Hospital
1 Nights
Operation Duration
2-4 Hours
General Anesthesia
Recovery Duration
1-2 Weeks
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Arm Lift in Turkey

Offering high-quality arm lift surgery also known as brachioplasty, Clinic International is one of the health centers attracting thousands of patients all around the world. A lot of males and females prefer to get arm lift surgery in Turkey for brand-new arms.

Turkey has gained a great amount of popularity thanks to the attractive facilities it offers to its global patients during their medical journeys. For detailed information about arm lift surgery Turkey, please contact us.

What is Arm Lift Surgery?

Aiming to reduce excess skin on the underarms, arm lift surgery is done under general anesthesia. Also known as brachioplasty, arms lifting is considered a cosmetic surgery. The removal of sagging underarms and extra fat aims for toned and defined upper arms.

Arm lift procedure takes around 1-3 hours. Arm lifting is a surgical procedure that tightens the loose skin that makes women in particular really unhappy. Arm lift surgery is a pretty common procedure as when patients lose weight, the skin on the underarms tends to sag easily due to lack of exercise and the nature of the muscles there. Excessive weight loss, DNA codes, aging and many more reasons can lead to the need of an arm lift surgery. For the best results, arm lift surgery can be combined with arm fat surgery.

Depending on the severity of the sagginess on the skin, arm lift surgery may leave a longer or a shorter scar. During arm lift surgery recovery period, scars disappear becoming almost invisible in time.

How Painful is an Arm Lift?

Arm lift is as painful as any cosmetic surgery since it is an operation done under general anesthesia it is impossible to feel anything during the surgery. After arm lift surgery, it is normal to feel mild pain in the operated areas however with the necessary medications, the patient will have a pain-free medical journey.


What is an Arm Fat Reduction Surgery?

Arm fat reduction surgery also known as arm liposuction or arm fat removal is a procedure aim to remove extra and stubborn fat tissue on the arm. Arm liposuction is commonly combined together with the arm lift operation to get the best result.


What is an Invisible Arm Lift?

Thanks to the minimal incisions made through the armpit to the elbow, the patient will have long-lasting arm lift results with scars that get invisible in time. As long as the patient does not gain or lose any excess weight, the arm lift results will last a minimum of 10 years.


How long does an Arm Lift Take?

Depending on the procedure and the patient’s medical needs and history, an arm lift can take between 1 to 3 hours.


Techniques of Arm Lift Surgery

There are three types of techniques used for arm lift in Turkey based on the level of sagginess in the targeted area.

Arm Liposuction: Requires liposuction for patients with extra fat on the upper arm, no extra skin. It is a scar free procedure.


Arm Lift with Minimal Incision: Requires small incision for patients who have extra under arm skin.


Extended Arm Lift: Requires long incisions for patients who have a lot of extra skin due to losing a lot of weight.


What are the Advantages of Arm Lift Surgery in Turkey Assisted by Clinic International?

As a registered and legit health clinic, Clinic International offers its patients a variety of benefits from financial to high-end facilities. For natural-looking arms and a good contour, our patients leave Turkey with happy faces and highly successful arm lift surgery results.


Arm Lift Procedure in Turkey

Online consultation session is the first step of the arm lift procedure and plays a vital role along the path. Online video calls for our international patients and face-to-face (during your medical journey in Turkey) meetings are held for the best results depending on the person’s preference and availability. The doctors in the clinic ask questions while examining the patient to comprehend what the problem is and to come up with the best solutions.

After the arm lift consultation sessions, the patient is provided with a 3D simulation of his/her new look. Necessary changes can be made on the 3D model based on the patient’s requests however a natural look is always targeted thus modifications will be done accordingly. It is always a good idea to discuss the alternatives for a satisfactory outcome. The operation is usually expected to last between one to three hours if there are no complications.  

After an arm lift surgery, drains will be placed for extra blood and fluid. Clinic International doctor will remove the drains when it is necessary and the patient will be ready to leave.


Arm Lift Results Turkey

If you are considering an arm lift surgery in Turkey, our experienced medical consultants are just a click away to provide you with all the information you need and tell you if you are a suitable candidate for arm lift Turkey or not.

If you are a good fit for arm lift procedure, you should expect to get arms without saggy skin, skinnier arms with tighter and smoother skin after the arm lift surgery.

Please remember that it is the collaboration of both plastic surgeons in Clinic International and the patients who are planning to undergo arm

lifting surgery, as both parts have their own responsibilities to fulfill prior and after arm lift surgery. When everyone does his/her part fully, then the outcomes just turn out to be amazing for all.

Patients go home with newly shaped and contoured arms, looking fascinating thanks to experienced plastic surgeons and the right techniques for arm lifting. However for long lasting arm lift results, they should follow a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet and being active in every day life.


Arm Lift Recovery Turkey

When patients undergo arm lift surgery in Turkey, they should expect satisfying changes in their body however it shouldn’t be forgotten that final results require some time to prove themselves.

At least 2 months recovery period is required for the final arm lift surgery Turkey results. Although arm lifting recovery period can show differences from person to person based on the age, weight, muscle density and skin elasticity, it mostly follows the same pattern.

When you wake up in the recovery room, it is expected to feel some pain in the operated areas, to prevent that the doctors will prescribe necessary painkillers. It is vital to follow the doctors’ orders and take the pills as prescribed.

After the arm lift Turkey, you are likely to feel swelling and see the bruises, it may continue for a few weeks yet each day they are expected to get better and better. Luckily no visible arm lift scars will be left on your body. You will return home with a firmer arm that brings youth to your body. A younger looking body makes you feel like a different person and definitely will boost your self-esteem. You will be thrilled when you see your arm lift before and after photos right after the arm lift recovery time.

You might be asked to stay at the clinic for a day or two post arm lift. During that time and also after leaving the clinic, patients are expected to avoid heavy physical activities, doing sports and exercises for 4-8 weeks. It is essential to avoid smoking and drinking which makes the arm lift healing process more challenging and longer.

Anything that prevents healthy blood circulation in body is strictly forbidden. Yet, walking and drinking water are strongly suggested for blood circulation. Showering is not allowed till the surgeon allows and sleeping position has to be in a certain way; patients ought to keep their arms raised during sleep. Last but not the least, following post arm lift instructions carefully and wearing compression garments until you are told not to do so anymore are the key points of ending up with your dream arm lift results!

Patients usually go back to their daily lives when 1-week period is over depending on the operations done. Since the success rate of arm lifting surgeries in Turkey is pretty high, patients do not have anything to worry about but feel safe and content with the arm lift results and the facilities the best arm lifting clinic in Turkey offers.


Arm Lift Surgery Price in Turkey

People may be worried about how pricy arm lift surgery can be due to info pollution on the internet. The pricing can be pretty high in Europe, UK, Canada and USA and it varies greatly all around the world. However, with the reasonable arm lift surgery Turkey price and exclusives packages including different services from surgery to accommodation are offered to the patients. So how much is an arm lift in Turkey?

Having arm lift in Turkey is relatively cheap compared to other European countries since the latest currency rates and economic situation of Turkey among other countries. Offering the cheapest rates, it is guaranteed by our clinic that there won’t be any surprises and last minute charges or overcharges. You will be informed about the arm lift Turkey cost in a detailed way while preparing your individualized package.

Along with the reasonable arm lift cost, Turkey offers patients a safe and developed treatment with amazing arm lift results. Thanks to highly skilled plastic surgeons who are excelled at what they are doing and high level of medical expertise, Turkey is the ultimate destination for arm lift abroad. For further questions about arm lift, arm lift surgery cost or arm lift surgeons in Turkey; please contact the medical consultants in our clinic.

Also, please keep in mind that each and every patient is offered a different arm lift treatment package based on his or her medical history, age, physical needs and expectations. Best arm lift surgeons abroad are here to offer you the best service in Turkey!


Best Arm Lift Surgery Clinic in Turkey

Clinic International is proud to offer all-inclusive packages including services provided by international patient hosts who can speak many languages, accommodation at a prestigious 4-star hotel, after-care consultations, after care garments and hotel-airport-clinic transfers. We are thrilled to send our patients home with the most desired arm lifting results and renewed bodies at the end of their journey. You do not have to worry about anything but enjoy your days in Turkey while getting the body of your dreams.

Including many operations such as arm lift surgery, Turkey keeps its place among the most trusted countries for plastic surgery. Clinic International is an accredited health center by the Turkish Ministry of Health and Economy.


As a team, we are here to help and support you with our experience in the field, budget-friendly packages, and services throughout your stay in Turkey. You are more than welcome to contact us any time you need us about arm lift Turkey packages and arm lift cost. Our medical consultants are just a click away waiting for your questions! This is what makes Clinic International the best plastic surgery clinic in Turkey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wear a garment?

After the surgery, It is advised to wear a compression garment for 6-8 weeks of time. This will fasten the recovery process and improve the result

When can I do the exercise? 

It is typically 4-6 weeks after the operation but patients can do light jogging or walk after 2 weeks from the surgery for more strenuous activities such as weight training, at least 6 weeks of the has to pass.

Which anesthesia will be used for the procedure? 

The arm lift procedure takes between one to three hours and it is performed under general anesthesia.

What procedure can be performed together with the arm lift? 

Arm lift surgery can be combined with different procedures. The most common procedures that are combined with arm lift surgery are tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast procedures.

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