What is Addiction?

Addiction is the continuous use of a substance even though it is harmful to health. The person cannot stop himself after using the substance once and keeps doing it. Addiction is considered a brain disease and it definitely needs to be treated. There are various addiction types yet the most common ones are: smoking addiction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction and gambling addiction.


What Are the Basic Principles of Substance Abuse Treatment?

It is not possible to treat all substance abusers with the same method. A special substance abuse treatment plan should be created in line with the needs and problems of individuals. Psychotherapy and drugs to be used should be individual oriented and specially planned.


While planning the substance abuse treatment, the legal, social, medical and psychiatric problems of the patients should be considered. For an effective addiction treatment, the patient must continue the treatment for a certain period of time. The first 3 months following the cessation of substance use is the most critical period since it is the time when patients really struggle.


Examination of accompanying internal and neurological diseases can also be included in the addiction therapy program. Consultations with related disciplines can be made when necessary for effective addiction treatment results. No matter what, the addiction problem has to be solved for a psychologically and physiologically healthy life for good.


What is Drug Addiction?

Drug addiction, one of the most common addictions all around the world, is a chronic disease that the addict cannot stop drug intake in spite of knowing all the fatal results.


How can I know if I have drug addiction?

Mostly, people are not willing to admit that they have addiction problems. That is the reason why family members and close friends play a vital role in convincing the drug addict to get professional help.


There are both physical and behavioral symptoms that can prove the person is a drug addict:

. Physical evidences: weight loss, weight gain, hair loss, skin deformations, and tooth decay.

. Behavioral evidences: tendency to be alone, depression, anger, violence, irrational behavior, poor school or work performance and even stealing money from family and friends.


What is the aim of drug addiction treatment?

The primary purpose of drug addiction treatment is stopping using drugs. The next step is staying clean in other words staying drug-free. Drug rehabilitation centers offer individualized programs including; detoxification, counseling and aftercare.


In Which Cases is Inpatient Treatment Necessary?

In the following addiction cases, the patient should be treated as an inpatient:

·     The patient's outpatient and control examinations did not give a positive result.

·     The patient has accompanying psychological disorders and active symptoms related to this.

·     The patient poses a risk to harm themselves or others in an unrestricted environment.


Considering all the information above, please do not hesitate to contact Clinic International Turkey if you or someone from your family or friend circle is suffering from these symptoms.


What is the Content of Inpatient Treatment?

Biological Support Program

Biological support program covers physical and psychiatric therapy. People with substance use disorders are also at higher risk of developing physical illnesses. For example, it is a well-known fact that alcohol affects liver functions. Therefore, when necessary, cardiogram, blood pressure monitoring, liver and kidney function tests can be performed on patients using such a substance.


Naltrexone Implant

A naltrexone implant is a small pellet placed in the lower abdominal wall under local anesthesia. The effect of the implant lasts up to 3-6 months, depending on the type of implant used, and allows a controlled amount of naltrexone to be released into the body. Naltrexone breaks the cycle of substance use by blocking the effect of the substance. It is also used successfully in the treatment of alcohol addiction.


Disulfiram Implant

Under general or local anesthesia, 8-10 pellets are usually placed on the abdominal wall at one time. The effect of the implant lasts up to 3 months and a controlled amount of disulphram is released into the body. Disulphram is an effective deterrent against alcohol intake.


Preventing the Reoccurrence of Substance Abuse

The most critical point in substance addiction is the re-emergence of addiction. Therefore, identifying strategies to prevent the reoccurrence of this condition is the most important part of addiction therapy.


Group Therapies

Group therapies help patients come to terms with their addictions and accept the harmful effects of illness. It also reduces their motivation for substance use. Knowing that you are not alone and empathizing with others makes the addiction treatment process much more easier.


What is the Role of the Family during Addiction Therapy?

One of the most important points in the treatment of patients is the support of the family. There should be a consensus among family members and a common language should be used.

Another important point is that family members should stick to their decisions and not break during the long treatment process. Even the slightest pressure can cause addicts to take a step back. For this reason, it is one of the most effective factors for family members to have a determined attitude.


Types of Behavioral Addiction

Internet Addiction

It includes behavioral addictions such as visual addictions, Internet, technology, computers, and games of chance. Excessive use of the Internet and computers has a similar effect on the brain as substance use. Studies have shown that the havoc the internet causes is almost equivalent to cocaine. Spending long hours in front of a screen disrupts the brain's reward-punishment mechanism. As a result, the person begins to show the behaviors of a substance abuser and begins to lead a completely virtual life.


Gambling Addiction

Gambling addiction can be defined as the inability to suppress the urge to gamble despite all the personal, family and work-related losses. Alcohol and substance use are common in pathological gamblers. Studies show that in 25% of the patients, one of the parents has a pathological gambling disorder as well.


Addicts and Their Relatives

Addiction, which is one of the most important health problems of today, affects not only the addicts but also their relatives. In this respect, addiction is considered as a "family" disease. The addict is likely to be surrounded by a spouse, parents, a friend or relative. After a while, these people begin to live the life of the addicted person. Supporting the addict and taking responsibility can be positive as well as extreme obsession or self-sacrifice. As a result, addiction issues should be erased for good, if people want to have a peaceful family life.



Addiction Treatment Options in Turkey

Psychotherapy: It is known that drug treatment alone is not sufficient for psychiatric treatments. The effective use of psychotherapy increases the success of drug treatment by providing a faster and more sustainable recovery. Experienced psychologists in Clinic International Turkey offer professional assistance to drug addicts and get really successful drug treatment results.


Inpatient Treatment: Inpatient treatment Turkey is an effective alternative that can be used in situations where the patient puts the safety of himself and others at risk.


Implant: Naltrexone and Disulfiram implants Turkey are applied under local anesthesia for addiction treatment.


Family Information Training: Addiction affects not only the person who is addicted, but also those around him. For this reason, it is aimed that family members learn the right behaviors along with the treatment to offer the help they can and also to be ready for the negative effects that they have to face.


Clinic Pharmacogenic Laboratory: Drug addicts may experience brain dysfunction. To detect these, blood tests are performed on the patient. For an effective drug addiction treatment, we run necessary tests in our clinic.


Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT): ECT under anesthesia can be applied to inpatients to calm them down during active periods. ECT can be consulted since addiction therapy Turkey can be challenging for some patients.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS): Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a new method used in psychiatry and neurology patients. It provides a fast and effective addiction therapy Turkey.


EMDR: This treatment is a method used especially in patients who have been exposed to psychological trauma due to addiction and it aims to get rid of these negative emotions.


Hypnotherapy: During hypnosis, positive and significant changes can be achieved by affecting the subconscious of the person. The reasons that can be the real cause of the addiction may be revealed and treated thanks to hypnotherapy Turkey.


Neurobiofeedback (Neurotherapy): Body temperature and brain waves are transferred to the computer and monitored through the sensor/electrode attached to the fingers or scalp. Thus, these functions can be controlled and used for the benefit of addiction therapy Turkey.


Biofeedback: Body functions such as body temperature, heart rate, respiration and muscle tension are monitored and measured with special electrodes. Necessary information gained from biofeedback can be used during addiction treatment Turkey.


REHACOM (Computerized Training Module): A personalized training program is used to restore or improve mental skills. During addiction treatment, strong mental abilities are required for successful addiction therapy results Turkey.


Clinic Pharmacogenetic Evaluation: Observing the level of the substance in the blood and previously used substance depending on the genetic profile increases the success of the addiction treatment Turkey. In line with the data obtained, a personalized treatment is planned.


Sleep Laboratory: Polysomnography, 12/24-hour video-EEG imaging in patients with suspected sleep disorder or epilepsy is used to monitor the relationship between the psychiatric conditions and sleep profiles of the patients. All the data can be used for addiction treatment Turkey.


Addiction Treatment Cost in Turkey

Addiction treatment prices can be pretty high in Europe, UK, Canada and USA and it varies greatly all around the world. However in Turkey, reasonable addiction treatment prices and exclusives packages including different services from treatment to accommodation are offered to the patients. So how much does addiction treatment cost in Turkey?


Getting addiction therapy in Turkey is relatively cheap compared to other European countries since the latest currency rates and economic situation of Turkey among other countries. Offering the cheapest rates, it is guaranteed by our clinic that there won’t be any surprises and last minute charges or overcharges. You will be informed about the expenses in a detailed way while preparing your individualized package.

The cost of addiction treatment Turkey greatly varies as the addiction treatment process comprises of different stages and techniques based on the needs of the patient and the doctor’s decision.


For further questions about addiction treatment cost in Turkey, please contact the medical consultants in our clinic. Also, please keep in mind that each and every patient is offered a different addiction treatment package Turkey based on his or her medical history, age, physical needs and expectations.


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As a team, we are here to help and support you with our experience in the field, budget-friendly packages, and services throughout your stay in Turkey. You are more than welcome to contact us any time you need us about addiction treatment packages and addiction treatment cost. Our medical consultants are just a click away waiting for your questions! This is what makes us the best addiction treatment center in Turkey.

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