Why Turkey Is The Best Destination For Medical Tourism

Why Turkey Is The Best Destination For Medical Tourism

Why Turkey Is The Best Destination For Medical Tourism
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  • 26.09.2022

Why Turkey Is The Best Destination For Medical Tourism

You may wonder why Turkey is considered a leading country in healthcare and medical tourism, right? But why?

Did you know that Turkey is one of the most widely known tourist destinations in the world?

Turkey is the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world! With more than 700,000 visitors coming for medical care annually, it has developed into a well-liked medical tourism destination. According to the statistics, the number of medical tourists is expected to exceed 2,000,000 by 2023! Further, medical tourists account for more than 32% of tourists in Turkey.

The remarkable aspect is that not only the citizens of less-developed countries, where there are no available medical treatments for specific conditions, are considering healthcare and medical tourism, but also citizens of more developed countries are looking for quick turnaround times and lower costs for higher-quality medical care.

Still curious about why Turkey is regarded as one of the top destinations of health tourism worldwide? Then continue reading.

Here are some reasons and benefits why you should consider medical tourism in Turkey.

Surgeries At Affordable Prices In Turkey

Compared to countries like UK, US, Italy and Australia, Turkey is well-known for providing healthcare tourism and services that are both affordable and of the highest quality.

67% of people who travel abroad choose to take advantage of the up to 90% lower cost of surgeries in Turkey for their private hospital care. That says a lot about how reasonably priced their medical offers are.

Moreover, cosmetic surgeries in Turkey are 70% less expensive than in European countries. So, without compromising the high-quality of the treatments you need, you can save more money.

Is that everything? The answer is NO, it does not!

Turkish Airlines provides medical travelers with a special discount. Even after you add up the cost of your surgery, travel, and lodging, it will still be less expensive than having the same surgery in the majority of western countries while going on vacation at the same time.

Top-Leading Hospitals And Surgeons For Medical Tourism

In Turkey, healthcare facilities have over 35% of experienced doctors, certified staff, and cutting-edge technology and high-tech devices. The doctors received their formal training in Western countries.

The Turkish Ministry of Health reports that approximately 552,000 people worldwide prefer Turkey. 40 million people traveled to Turkey as medical tourists in 2018 to use the country's healthcare services.

The Turkish Statistical Institute states that the government is responsible for funding 77.5% of the country's health care costs, with the remaining 17.5% of the costs being covered by the public through personal savings and private insurance.

Turkey Serves As A Bridge Between The East And The West

No matter what continent or country you are coming from, you can easily reach it. Besides, it has always been a major center of politics, culture, and commerce worldwide.

Turkey's Istanbul Airport is regarded as one of the biggest airports in the world. With roughly 300 direct flights around the world, it serves about 200 million passengers annually.

Unique Medical Tourism Packages

Turkey's medical packages include a variety of services to ensure that visitors have a trouble-free stay. Medical tourists visiting Turkey can enjoy various healthcare programs.

The programs "packages" provide five-star lodging and a variety of amenities in order to provide you with a comfortable experience!

Turkey Medical Tourism Packages Include:

Accommodations: You can enjoy your time with 5-star luxurious lodging at a low cost by taking advantage of tourism packages in Turkey.

Food and Drinks: Depending on the type of package you choose; Turkey health tourism packages include either one or two meals per day.

VIP Transfers: Are you concerned about transportation issues and how you will travel to hospitals and elsewhere during your stay in Turkey? This service is provided by the majority of medical tourism companies in Turkey. Clinic International offers all-inclusive transfer services from the airport to the treatment process.

Interpretation Service: You do not need to be fluent in any other language than your mother tongue since every sentence will be translated into the language of your choice by translators working in Turkish facilities.

Personal Guide: Tourists can seek assistance from their personal assistant if they want extra attention or are worried about living abroad.

No Treatment Waiting List

Fed up with having to wait for treatment in your home country, aren't you? In contrast to the EU and the US, your medical needs will be met immediately in Turkey. For example, in Turkey, surgical treatment procedures can be completed in just two weeks, whereas the average waiting time for knee surgery in the EU and the US is 18 months.

Incredible Places to Visit

If you travel to Turkey for medical care, you will notice its rich historical culture. As soon as you set foot in Turkey, it will captivate you thanks to its affordable medical services and popular tourist destinations. That makes it the ideal destination for both leisure and medical tourism.


Give Turkey some thought if you need a surgical or specialty treatment option. In this lovely country, you can experience the distinct fusion of Oriental, European, and Arab cultures in addition to the high standard and accessibility of affordable medical care.

Do you want to benefit from health tourism and go on vacation for medical reasons? Clinic International can help you make all the necessary arrangements. We are a Turkey-based global tourism clinic that can assist you with a wide range of medical options.

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