Breast Implant Revision and Replacement | Revive Your Look

Breast Implant Revision and Replacement | Revive Your Look

Breast Implant Revision and Replacement | Revive Your Look
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  • 01.02.2023

Revamp Your Look: Breast Implant Revision Surgery

What’s a Breast Implant Replacement / Breast Implant Revision?

Breast implant revision, also known as breast implant replacement, is a surgical procedure in which a woman's existing breast implants are removed and replaced with new ones. This procedure is performed to address a variety of concerns, including dissatisfaction with the current size or shape of the implants, changes in body weight or shape, or complications such as rupture or capsular contracture. 

So, do you want to have your breast implants replaced? Read on to learn more about the details, where to do it, and how much breast implant replacement costs.


Breast Implant Replacement Reasons

There are several reasons why a woman may want to undergo breast implant revision. These can include:

  • Dissatisfaction with the current size or shape of the implants

  • Changes in body weight or shape

  • Complications such as rupture, capsular contracture, double bubble implant

  • Implant migration

  • Changing aesthetic preferences, and

  • Removal of implant.

In each case, breast implant revision can help restore the desired shape and size of the breasts or address any complications or issues that may have arisen.


How Long Does Breast Implants Last?

Breast implants are not designed to last a lifetime and typically need to be replaced at some point. The average lifespan of a breast implant is around 10 to 20 years, although they may need to be replaced sooner if complications arise. Factors such as implant size, type, and the individual's physical health can also affect the longevity of the implants.

It is important to distinguish between lifespans of different types of breast implants. Saline implants, for example, are filled with sterile salt water and have a slightly shorter lifespan compared to silicone implants, which are filled with a silicone gel. Silicone implants tend to have a slightly longer lifespan, typically around 15-20 years.

However, it is important to note that implant rupture can occur at any time, regardless of the implant type. Therefore, it is recommended that women with breast implants should have regular check-ups with their surgeon to monitor the condition of the implants and detect any issues early on.

Consultation and Examination

During a consultation for breast implant replacement, the plastic surgeon will take the time to understand the patient's goals and concerns. The surgeon will review the patient's medical history, conduct a physical examination of the breasts and existing implants, and assess overall health to ensure safety. Different types of implants, including silicone and saline, and their features will be discussed to help the patient make an informed decision. The consultation process is essential to ensure the patient is well-informed and comfortable with the procedure.


Surgical Procedure

The surgical procedure for breast implant revision involves making an incision and removing the existing implants. The new implants are then placed in the desired position and size, and the incision is closed with sutures. Additional techniques such as a breast lift or breast augmentation may be used depending on the patient's specific situation.

The specific details of the procedure can vary depending on the patient's individual needs and the condition of the existing implants. If the patient is experiencing complications such as capsular contracture, the surgeon may need to remove scar tissue and perform a capsulotomy or capsulectomy in addition to replacing the implants.

The skill and experience of the surgeon are essential for the safety and success of the procedure. A qualified and certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in breast implant revision surgery will be able to properly evaluate the patient's condition, determine the best course of action and perform the procedure with precision and skill, also anticipate and manage any potential complications.


Recovery and Post-Operative Care

The recovery process for breast implant revision is unique for each patient and depends on the specifics of the procedure. Typical symptoms following surgery include pain, discomfort, swelling, bruising, and sensitivity in the breasts. To ensure optimal healing, patients are advised to avoid any strenuous activities that could put pressure on the breasts or cause excessive arm movements for a period of 2-4 weeks. Additionally, patients will be instructed to wear a supportive bra or bandage to aid in the recovery process.

Following the post-operative instructions given by the surgeon is crucial to have a safe and successful recovery. These instructions may include details on how to properly care for the incision, manage pain, and avoid certain activities. It is also important for patients to follow the surgeon's guidance on medication and attend all scheduled follow-up appointments to monitor the healing process and address any concerns.


Where and How to Get a Breast Implant Revision?

Importance of Choosing a Skilled Plastic Surgeon for Breast Implant Revision Surgery

It's important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing breast implant revisions for safety and the best results. A qualified cosmetic surgeon will be able to properly evaluate the patient's condition, determine the best course of action, and perform the procedure with precision and skill. 

They will also be able to anticipate and manage any potential complications that may arise during or after the surgery. The patient should also be fully informed about the procedure and have realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery. Choosing a qualified and experienced surgeon is crucial for ensuring safety and optimal results.


We Work With Only Qualified and Certified Cosmetic Surgeons

We work with experienced, internationally certified surgeons who specialise in breast implant revision surgeries. They are internationally certified plastic surgeons with extensive training and experience in the procedure, and have been certified by reputed international boards. They use the latest techniques and technologies to provide safe and optimal results for patients. We are confident that the surgeons we work with will provide the best care and results for our patients. If you’d like to have a free consultation, do not hesitate to reach out.


Why Should You Have Your Breast Implant Replacement in Turkey

Having a breast implant revision in Turkey is a great option for many women. Turkey is home to some of the most experienced and skilled plastic surgeons in the world, who are well-versed in the latest techniques and technologies in the field. Additionally, the medical standards in Turkey are high, ensuring that patients receive the best care and results.

Another benefit of having breast implant replacement in Turkey is the cost. The breast implant revision in Turkey cost is significantly lower than in many other countries, making it a more affordable option for many women. All in all, Turkey is a great option for those looking for high-quality and affordable breast implant revision.


Breast Implant Removal

Of course a patient may opt to have their breast implants removed without inserting new implants. Breast implant removal, also known as breast implant explantation, is a surgical operation in which the cosmetic surgeon removes breast implants from the body. This procedure may be performed because a variety of reasons, including implant complications, changes in body shape or size, or a personal desire to remove the implants. Depending on the complexity of your case, the procedure is usually performed under generaI anaesthesia and can last from one to several hours.

Following the removal of the implants, the patient may be advised to wear a surgical bra or compression garment to aid healing and support the breast tissue. Although recovery times vary, most patients are able to resume their normal activities within a few weeks. However, it's important to consult with a plastic surgeon to fully understand the risks and benefits of the procedure and to achieve the best possible result.



To summarise, breast implant revision surgery, also known as breast implant replacement surgery, is a surgical procedure that involves removing the existing implants and replacing them with new ones. The process begins with a consultation where the patient's goals and concerns are discussed, a medical history is taken, and the patient's breasts are examined. The surgeon will also consider the type and condition of the existing implants and provide the patient with detailed information about the different types of implants available.

The surgical procedure for breast implant revision can vary depending on the patient's individual needs and the condition of the existing implants. The recovery process can also vary, but generally, patients can expect some pain and discomfort in the days following the surgery. Limitations on physical activity and heavy lifting are also common during the recovery period. The patient will be instructed to wear a special bra or bandage to support the breasts during healing and follow all post-operative instructions provided by the surgeon.

If you're thinking about having your breast implants replaced, we'd Iike to encourage you to contact us for a free consultation so we can go over your options and determine the best course of action for your specific needs and goals.

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