Bariatric Surgery and Health Insurance: What You Need to Know

Bariatric Surgery and Health Insurance: What You Need to Know

Bariatric Surgery and Health Insurance: What You Need to Know
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  • 31.03.2023

Bariatric Surgery and Health Insurance: What You Need to Know

Exploring Health Insurance Options for Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery has become an increasingly popular choice for individuals struggling with obesity, offering the potential to improve overall health and quality of life. However, finding health insurance that covers bariatric surgery can be challenging due to limited coverage, high costs, and long waiting lists. In this article, we explore the question “does health insurance cover bariatric surgery?”, challenges surrounding bariatric surgery coverage and discuss potential solutions, such as medical tourism in Turkey.


The Challenges of Health Insurance for Bariatric Surgery

Limited Coverage

When asking, "what health insurance covers bariatric surgery?", or ”what health insurance companies cover bariatric surgery” it is important to understand that coverage can vary significantly between providers. Some plans, such as those offered by Aetna and Cigna, provide coverage for bariatric surgery, provided specific criteria are met. However, other health insurance companies may not cover weight-loss surgery at all, or may require patients to purchase additional coverage.


Partial Coverage

Even when patients find health insurance that cover bariatric surgery, the coverage may not be comprehensive. As a result, patients may still be responsible for a portion of the surgery fees, anaesthesia, and postoperative care, leading to a significant financial burden.


Long Waiting Lists

In countries like the United States and the United Kingdom, the high demand for bariatric surgery has resulted in long waiting lists. Patients may experience delays in receiving the potentially life-changing procedure, which can exacerbate existing health conditions and negatively impact their overall quality of life.


United Health Bariatric Surgery & Other Solutions

United Health, one of the largest health insurance providers, also offers plans that cover bariatric surgery for eligible patients. However, the coverage and requirements may differ based on the specific plan and the patient's unique needs and patients can often find being eligible is hard and getting full coverage is even harder.


The Solution: Bariatric surgery in Turkey

For those struggling to find health insurance that covers bariatric surgery or facing long waiting lists, medical tourism in Turkey may provide an attractive alternative. Known for its high-quality healthcare services and affordable costs, Turkey has become a popular destination for bariatric surgery.

Turkish hospitals are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and the surgeons are highly skilled and experienced. Additionally, the cost of bariatric surgery in Turkey is often significantly lower than in other countries, which can help offset travel expenses and other out-of-pocket costs associated with the surgery.


Delegate the hassle with Clinic International

To ensure the best possible experience and care, patients considering bariatric surgery in Turkey should research and choose a reputable hospital and surgeon. The Turkish government has implemented strict regulations to ensure patient safety and quality of care, but patients should still take precautions and thoroughly vet their potential surgical team.

One way to facilitate this process is by working with a reputable health tourism agency that specialises in bariatric surgery. Clinic International is one such agency, partnering with top hospitals and experts in Turkey to provide tailor-made treatment packages for patients. With a proven track record of success and numerous patient testimonials, Clinic International can help patients navigate the complexities of medical tourism and connect them with trusted hospitals and experienced surgeons.



Finding health insurance that covers bariatric surgery can be a daunting task due to limited coverage, partial coverage, and long waiting lists. However, medical tourism in Turkey offers a viable solution for patients seeking high-quality and affordable bariatric surgery options.

By considering bariatric surgery in Turkey, patients can avoid the financial burden and lengthy waiting times associated with the procedure in their home country. Partnering with a reputable health tourism agency like Clinic International can further streamline the process, ensuring patients receive top-quality care and a seamless experience from start to finish.


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