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No Hidden Cost

There is no extra or hidden cost on top of the package that you have been quoted.

Flexible Payment Method

Payment can be made with cash/bank transfer/debit or credit card. There won’t be any extra cost for different payment methods.

Tailor-Made Treatment Plan

Our experienced medical assess individual patient’s case and offer tailor made solutions for their concerns.

Top Surgeons

Clinic International works with the best surgeons in their individual fields.

Latest Technology of Treatment

Latest and high technology treatment options are provided by Clinic International medical team.

1 Year Free Follow-Up

Clinic International offers 1 Year Free Follow-Up service after you go back to your country.

International Accredited Hospitals

The procedures are held in the international accredited and all around hospitals.

All-Inclusive Package

Our all-inclusive package covers VIP transfer services / 4* and 5* Hotels accommodation / Medicines

Travel Insurance

Our all-inclusive packages cover travel insurance just in case of any unexpected travel conditions.


Rethink your beauty and healthcare at the leading medical clinic in Turkey

There are two intangible assets in today’s world – your sound health and the attractiveness of your self-confidence. They open vast opportunities in your day-to-day life, employment, and social bonds. Clinic International is a medical center that shares your aspirations for healthcare, well-being, and social success and is ready to provide practical assistance in pursuing them.

Based in Istanbul and Izmir, Turkey, we are a world-class aesthetic clinic bringing beauty and medical care in a unique setting. Our patients combine their journeys to excellent shape and appearance with upscale vacations in the sun-kissed country. Whether for cosmetic surgery or restoring youthful energy with weight loss treatments, Clinic International is the place to go for exceptional aesthetic and healthcare services.

Unparalleled care at Turkey’s #1 medical center

You deserve to be healthy and vigorous and look young and fit – you deserve to shine. With the most advanced technologies and highly trained staff, the Clinic International medical center provides personalized care and ultra-modern treatments to help you achieve and maintain the gorgeous, healthy you.

We welcome people from all over the world seeking to:

At the Clinic International medical clinic, we respect patients above all else. So, apart from the highest-quality procedures, you can rely on top-of-the-line medical care and expect to get treated with compassion. You won’t find any institutional atmosphere here – just refined comfort and luxurious service. And after undergoing your procedure in Turkey, you are entitled to a free follow-up package for a year.

Surgeons, doctors, and nurses in synergistic cooperation

The Clinic International medical center introduces new technologies available in the plastic surgery industry in Turkey. All our physicians and surgeons are experienced in using them for aesthetic treatments. Our professionals have worked together for many years, gained the expertise that makes them trustworthy, and established a sense of unity and teamwork. This formula ensures the competencies of one surgeon are enhanced by the experience of others.

Before any treatment, our experts always insist on checkups and consultations to develop tailored procedures and achieve maximum results.

Safety standards for medicals: The international center with seamless reputation

The way you are to be treated can tip the scales of your decision. You don’t want to show up for an appointment in a foreign country if a medical center takes risks with the provided treatments.

Clinic International follows international regulations and hygiene standards, such as strict sterilization protocols, cleaning and disinfection policies, and procedures to protect patients from infection. Our specialists ensure that everything related to the patient’s safety is taken care of, from pre-surgical consultations to post-surgical care. We also adhere to stringent WHO standards.

The team of the Clinic International medical clinic is constantly soaking up new techniques and solutions in international healthcare so that you get the best treatments here in Turkey. We also resolutely obey a strict ethical code and guarantee complete confidentiality for whoever knocks on our door.

Openness and stress-free experience in Turkey

Social success is cherished by a beautiful smile. Prosperity comes to the active and toned. Contact the best medical clinic in Turkey to bring this into your life!

As we support a policy of clear payments, you always know your exact suite of services and due amount without the risk of hidden fees. We accept payments in any convenient form.

Share your name and contact number and change your life.