Юлия Рыбакова
I am so happy to choose Clinic International. After I see my results and my experience I understand that it was totally right decision. They are so professional and have excellent patient service.They speak very well Russian and English so you dont feel alone.I highly recommend Clinic International. I am so satisfied with the whole process and the results as well.\n\nЯ очень рада, что выбрала Clinic International. После того, как я увидела свои результаты, я поняла, что это было правильное решение. Персонал очень профессионален и прекрасно обслуживает пациентов. Все отлично говорят на русском и английском языках, вы абсолютно не почувствуете дискомфорта.Поэтому смело могу рекомендовать вам Clinic International. Я довольна всем процессом и отличными результатами!

Joe Gunan
I had weight loss surgery 8 months ago and the results have been amazing. Down about 80 lbs (35kg) since then. The surgeon was amazing and did a great job. Clinic İnternational team is very helpful and professional. They haven been with me from the very beginning and still check on my progress on a monthly basis. Answered all my questions , arranged zoom calls with surgeon and all the travel coordination. I did travel from San Francisco to get my gastric sleeve surgery. It was a great and amazing experience. Highly recommend the Clinic İnternational team.

Johanna Minaya
You are the best, I recommend you 100 × 100, everyone\'s treatment, from the moment we arrived until we left, was excellent, and thanks to my Doctor for his excellent work, we will see each other again soon. International Clinic, the best of izmir.

Wilma Croft
My name is Wilma Croft from uk England 🇬🇧 after long research I chose the Clinic International Global to assist me during my visit in Izmir Turkey for my so dreamed surgery gastric bypass, very polite team always there for you. Highly recommended If you dream or have plans to change your life like mine ,get in touch with them 5 stars all way

Gerard Mcnally
My experience with clinic International was amazing the staff were very professional and so kind threw out the whole procedure and would recommend to go with this company for any procedure thas is needed the doctors and medical team are 1st class and the after care is the best I have ever received after a operation

Alois Jorge
Splendid and very professional. Highly recommended

Roberta Zujevaite
Had the best experience with Clinic International and their team is first class.Friendly, nice and real professionals. Sukran was always with me in Turkey doing translations, showing me around, spending hours of walking around with me as i didn\'t want to lay in bed and making sure I was comfortable. I had a gastric sleeve and it was the best decision I made to use them and have no regrets. I would highly recommended Clinic International to anybody going to Turkey!

Mollie Penny
Had gastric sleeve surgery on the 2nd june could not fault this company atall they looked after me so much, sukran is an angel she was there at my every minute in the hospital and even after i am 13 weeks post op and she still messages me weekly to see how i am getting on, highly recommended this company and i will definitely be back for my make over surgery!! Thank you for everything yous changed my life

Giandomenico Benindi
Words can\'t express how happy I am after my hair transplant procedure. I wish I met Clinic International earlier. They have been amazing from the moment I enquired about hair transplant surgery, they answered all of my questions and be there for me every step.

Natalja Mihailova
Давно хотела осуществить мечту а собственно улучшить фигуру после двух родов и сброса -50кг. Изучала своих хирургов и клиники в Латвии но работы разочаровывали и цены кусались, и сама медицина в Риге не радует. И вот мне рассказали о том, что наши люди едут в Турцию и дали контакты этой чудесной клиники. Я немедленно связалась и сервиз оказался на высоте консультант Алина оказалась очень приятной и отзывчивой она мне помогла выбрать хирурга по моей проблеме (абдоминопластика и мамопластика) я хотела две операции за одну поездку. Так же меня одолевали страхи и она помогала справиться с ними и успокаивала в любое время дня и ночи. Буквально за 3 дня было принято решение ехать на операции в Стамбул ! Алина помогала купить билеты на самолет, отвечала и отвечает на все вопросы. И вот через 1,5 недели я лечу за мечтой 🥰 на данный момент я просто в восторге от сервиса и обслуживания. Это большая заслуга моего русско говорящего консультанта Алины. Конечно сама процедура впереди (позже напишу полный отзыв) но на данный момент я всем довольна и счастлива!

Диана Маркова
Прежде всего, я хотела бы поблагодарить команду Clinic International .\nОни сделали все возможное, чтобы успокоить меня и найти мой потерянный багаж после полета. Когда я вышла из операционной меня встретили с цветами. Мой хирург был очень уверенным в себе, он рассказал мне все по порядку, медсестры помогали мне все время, пока я была в больнице. Моя самая большая благодарность Эге за то, что терпеливо отвечала на все мои вопросы после операции.

Paul Muset

Maysam Alburqeba
My experience with international clinic and Dr Elham was a great experience. It was just perfect in all aspects, since I was picked up at the airport until the last day. They do provide an excellent service and they answered all my questions. Both international clinic and Dr Elham are not money oriented as my treatment needed two more days than what was planned and I had to reschedule my flight back to Australia, however Dr Elham paid the cost of the rescheduled flight which was $915 and International clinic paid the cost on my extra two days at the hotel. The results of my dental treatment was better than what I expected. I strongly recommend them to anyone needs any sort of treatment in Istanbul.

Owen Ryan
The Clinic International was an excellent experience for me, well administered and managed and the dental treatment (although painful at times) seems to be of the highest standards. I am 3 weeks after major work and I found the dentist to be very good and he offered sound advise. Great job clinic international. Owen

Gabriela Lara
Well, the truth is, I am very happy with the clinic, the doctors, the nurses, the care is very good and very happy. I have been operated for 1 week and 4 days and I have lost 8 kilos. Recommended Clinic to international

LAT Isaac
I travelled from the UK to have gynecomastia surgery after having the condition for some years. Firstly, I can’t give enough credit to the Clinic International team; the service was outstanding. Ertan and Onur were fantastic and are a credit to the company, as they made sure all my concerns pre-sale, during consultation and post-operation were handled and were present every step of the way. Dr Candan Mezili conducted the procedure, and I’m very happy with the results. He answered all my questions and provided great consultation. I am pleased with my experience with Clinic international!

Jade Cooper
I used clinic international for scar revision on my back. I also visited with my friend who was having a mummy makeover at the same time, The company itself are fanatic, always available to help and support every step of the way. Büşra (Our host) was so so helpfull and spoke brilliant English! She helped us with everything, and was available day and night. Don’t know what we would of done without her. My procedure was done in clinic, the clinic was very clean and professional. Dr Daghan also spoke good English, very informative, attentive and reassuring. His 2 male assistants were amazing and so compassionate, Very very good at their job! And an asset to the team! I am very pleased with the results, Thankyou all so much!

Holli Oldfield
I travelled from the UK to Istanbul for a Mummy Makeover with Clinic International, this included a Tummy Tuck, 360 Vaser Liposuction and Breast Uplift & Implants. I am currently 5 days post op and Clinic International have been brilliant from my initial enquiries with the sales consultant Ertan (answering the 100’s of questions I had) to the travel coordinator Onur (arranging all my travel and surgery requests) to my host Büşra who has been absolutely fantastic, she has been there for me every step of the way throughout my time in Istanbul. I would highly recommended using this company. In regards to the surgery itself and the recovery, I totally underestimated how difficult it would be, the first two days were definitely the toughest. I would not advise doing this alone, you 100% need to bring a companion with you. The breast lift and recovery is ok but the tummy tuck and 360 vaser lipo is very debilitating and uncomfortable. In regards to the surgeon, Dr Daghan Isik and his surgical team (the two males), they were also fantastic and I cannot fault them. One of the Drs nursing assistants was very rude but she was rude to everyone including Büşra my host, so I think that is just her unfortunate personality. So far I am very happy with my results, they are very natural. I am type one diabetic, so this was a high risk surgery for me but Dr Daghan Isik really looked after me and took extra precautions to ensure my safety and recovery. The only criticisms I have are from the nurses at the hospital after the procedure. The aftercare isn’t anything compared to the UK, they were not very attentive and I didn’t feel very looked after, but I don’t know if that is normal for the healthcare in Istanbul. They completed very few observations on me post surgery, luckily myself and my companion are nurses so we took a thermometer, BP machine and everything we needed to check my observations and knew what to look for. Overall I would highly recommend Clinic International and would like to thank Büşra for looking after me so well. The only down sides was the aftercare by the nurses in the hospital and one of the Drs rude assistants.

Сергей Бородулин
Рекомендовали данную клинику мои друзья. Рекомендации не подвели. Делал здесь операцию по пересадке волос. Все прошло прекрасно. Операция продлилась 12 часов, потому что было необходимо пересадить большое количество графтов. Сервис на высоком уровне. Врач и его ассистенты выполнили свою работу на 10 баллов. Все время находился на связи с клиникой и врачом, когда у меня возникали какие-либо вопросы. Очень быстро получал обратную связь. Рекомендую данную клинику. Планирую вернуться сюда, поскольку нужно закрыт вопрос с зубами.

gisselle chirinos
I am three weeks post op from gastric sleeve that i had with this clinic and i couldn’t be more thankful for the experience and how easy they made the process. From months of communication prior to the surgery to having a person host translate all the staff and paperwork for me, to sending me home stocked up with medicine. I am immensely grateful and I’d do it all over again with them.

Robert Douglas
Thanks to Dr. Candan for performing the 360 Liposuction operation successfully. Also, thanks to Ertan and Onur for making sure my stay in Izmir was hassle free. The hotel, hospital and clinic were all great.

Oksana Voitova
Highly recommend this wonderful clinic. So much care from the start enquiry till my flight back home to United Kingdom. All was very good organised, transfers, translation, friendly hotel, hospital professional stuff with care and of course Plastic Doctor and all assistance! All done perfectly, feeling not alone all this period. 🙏🙏🙏 Highly recommended 👌 Thank you.

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